Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather: I Don’t Need Him

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Manny Pacquiao has said it in the past, and apparently, he’s decided that this is the perfect time to reemphasize the idea: he doesn’t need Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After Mayweather’s recent controversial victory over Victor Ortiz, the undefeated champion came out and publicly noted that he doesn’t believe Pacquiao really wants to fight him and, more importantly, that he doesn’t need him. Well, Pacquiao seemingly didn’t take kindly to those words and, as a result, has come out with a few of his own.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday at Burnham Park, the Filipino superstar had this to say:

"I don't need him either," Pacquiao said.

"Sa na-accomplish ko sa career ko satisfied na ako kahit 'di na kami maglaban (I am satisfied with what I have achieved in my career, I don't need to fight him)," Pacquiao continued.

In fact, in preparation for his upcoming bout versus Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao seems intent on putting Mayweather out of his mind entirely.  

"Wala naman na akong dapat patunayan sa boxing kaya sa ngayon concentrate na lang ako sa susunod kong laban (I have nothing to prove to Mayweather, for now, I will concentrate on my next fight)," said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao and Marquez, of course, are set to do battle for the third time on November 12. The match has been billed as one that would ultimately determine who the better fighter is, however, most already acknowledge that the finish is all but a foregone conclusion. Instead, the boxing world is more preoccupied with Pacquiao’s next potential opponent.

While Mayweather, obviously, would be the most desirable candidate for a bout versus Pacquiao in 2012, the lack of enthusiasm from all parties involved makes that match virtually impossible. Rather, the far more fascinating showdown would be one between Pacquiao and 2010 Fighter of the Year, Sergio Martinez.

Although weight concerns have plagued this possible battle in the past, Martinez appears to have softened on his stance and is willing to come down 150 pounds – a weight Pacquiao reportedly said he’d be willing to fight him at.

At this point, though, Pacquiao and his camp have avoided commenting on Martinez.

Regardless of what ends up happening with Pacquiao vs. Martinez, it’s clear that Pacquiao and Mayweather are moving in completely opposite directions. It’s mystifying that two years later, we’re still at this point with both fighters continuing to shirk a potential dream match.

Sorry, boxing fans – all signs point to this never, ever happening.


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