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Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and More Weigh in on Joe Frazier

The boxing world was rocked by the death of one of the all-time greats on Monday when news broke that Joe Frazier had died of liver cancer. He was 67 years old. In response to his passing, a series of reactions both via Twitter and public statements were made by some of the biggest names in the sport.

Some went above and beyond simply issuing a comment, though. Floyd Mayweather Jr., in particular, showed real graciousness when he offered to pay for Frazier’s funeral services. Although he was an undeniable legend, Frazier was never able to accumulate the wealth over the course of his career that most of today’s fighters consider pocket change.

Opposing Views has scoured the newswires and gathered the statements made by some of boxing’s heaviest hitters. Check them out below:

"Boxing lost a great champion, and the sport lost a great ambassador." – Manny Pacquiao

"RIP Smokin Joe. .... We lost an all time great tonight." and "My condolences go out to the family of the late great Joe Frazier. #TheMoneyTeam will pay for his Funeral services." – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Frazier and Ali were quintessential the apex of pedigree fighting in which each man would not give an inch until they were dead." – Mike Tyson

"He proved himself in the first fight to be a great, great man and a great, great warrior. The third fight was the greatest fight in the history of boxing. Ever. The greatest fight ever. I still remember leaving the coliseum in Manilla and going outside. The sun was so high in the sky beating down on us. It was almost eerie. It was unworldly what we had just seen. Two men fighting one of the great wars of all time. It's something I will never forget for all the years I have left." – Bob Arum

“Joe Frazier one of the greatest heavy weight champion ever. R.I.P.” – Shane Mosley

"About two or three years ago, everybody is asking me why I was fighting. Joe Frazier said you fight as long as you feel you can do it and win with dignity. That was in Joe Hand's Gym while I was in Philly. I told him I could and that I was in great shape. He walked out of the place. I remember that. Those few minutes were like an hour. You've got to listen to him and listen to him clearly." – Bernard Hopkins

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