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Manny Pacquiao to Fight Juan Manuel Marquez in US if Macau Deal Doesn’t Get Worked Out?

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Manny Pacquiao will fight once in 2013. That match will take place at some point towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, that's where the things we know for certain end.

Aside from the fact that a bout will in fact happen somewhere at some point, the former eight division champ’s camp has offered very little in the way of concrete information regarding specifics. Who the opponent will be, where the showdown will take place and what particular month the proceedings will be held in have varied, depending on who you speak to.

Over the past few weeks, Bob Arum has indicated on numerous occasions that September is his target date for Pacquiao’s next fight, and that Juan Manuel Marquez is his targeted opponent. With Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado verbally committing to a third match this past Saturday night, the likelihood of Pacquiao-Marquez V skyrocketed. Arum has also repeatedly stated that Pacquiao’s next bout will likely take place overseas, so that all involved won’t be burdened by the United States’ new incremental increase in the tax rate.  

More recently, Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz, came out and said that they were actually considering both September and October for their return, not just September. Furthermore, he also said that they hadn’t officially decided on Marquez as an opponent yet, and that apparently they had other options. At the moment, all signs point to both of those statements being BS. Pacquiao will likely fight in September, and his opponent will probably be Marquez.

The part of Koncz’s recent statements that is worth thinking about, though, is the locale.

“We’re looking at Macau, Singapore or Mexico City,” he said recently in an interview with Nick Giongco.

A few days earlier, Koncz told the Manila Bulletin that if his team couldn’t get the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel for a fight, they would most likely cross Macau off the list of possible destinations. If that were happen, then the options would be down to Singapore or Mexico City. For obvious reasons, it would seem like Pacquiao, coming off a loss to Marquez, may not want to fight in the latter place. That would leave just Singapore, and if that didn’t work out for whatever reason, all involved would be out of possible destinations.  

The idea of not fighting in the U.S. because of the heightened tax rate was ludicrous from the jump, and it wouldn’t be particularly shocking to see Pacquiao’s camp backtrack on that. He hasn’t fought outside of America in six and change years; this is where the best segment of his career took place, and any income that he would lose for tax-related reasons could be more than made up for in advertising and sponsorships.

While there are alternatives on the table, Pacquiao-Marquez V being held in America will remain a longshot. However, as those alternatives begin to disappear one by one, the odds of this bout being scheduled in the U.S. will increase by a lot.

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