Manny Pacquiao's Fifth Fight Against Juan Manuel Marquez Pushed Back to October


Manny Pacquiao’s next fight may not be as set in stone as fans were initially led to believe. After months of telling everyone that his star client would make his boxing return in September, Top Rank boss Bob Arum dropped some pretty big news this weekend when he announced that Pacquiao would actually be fighting one month later than anticipated.

Speaking with reporters a few days ago, Arum said that Pacquiao’s next fight would be held in either Macau or Singapore, and that it would occur in either the first or second week of October. Up until now, the 81-year-old had repeatedly stated that September was when Pacquiao would make his triumphant return.

In the same interview, as noted by The Manila Standard, Arum also noted that an opponent hadn’t been decided on yet either. This news comes just days after he explicitly stated this last week: "...we'll have an opponent by the end of the week for Manny. I'm not going to negotiate in the media. They're all my fighters, so I'll talk to them privately, and then, we'll come to a decision."

Juan Manuel Marquez still figures to be Pacquiao’s most likely opponent in October, however, given how things have changed over the past few days, who really knows anymore. In a recent conversation with ABS-CBN, Timothy Bradley indicated that he wanted a shot at Marquez.

“I would love to fight Marquez first. He beat Manny, I beat him. I love his style. He is a legend and would love to add his name to my resume. If I beat Marquez, it would give me the greatness I’m looking for in my career.”

At the same time, the 29-year-old also expressed an interest in fighting Pacquiao.

“I am up for any challenge. I would definitely like to fight Pacquiao. It will be a great fight. This time, I will grind it out. I will stand up and fight him toe-to-toe. Marquez or Pacquiao, either one. It doesn’t matter.”

A final answer on where Pacquiao and Marquez go next should come down this week. 

Source: Manila Standard


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