Manny Pacquiao Fan Dies of Heart Attack After Timothy Bradley Beats His Idol

Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Timothy Bradley this past Saturday night was heartbreaking.


One of the worst kept secrets in sports is that Pacquiao’s fans are the most loyal, rabid ones in the whole world. No sports team, no other superstar evokes the sort of passion and undying dedication that the Filipino champion garners regularly from his true blue supporters. This has been the case ever since his career initially took off, and the support remains just as insane today as it was then.

Even still, there are certain limitations to being a loyal fan. Your favorite fighter losing could induce feelings of sadness. It could wreck your spirit. Heck, maybe it could even mess with your mental health. But it definitely shouldn’t impact your physical health.

Shouldn’t is the operative world there.

According to the Inquirer, minutes after Pacquiao got robbed of a victory versus Bradley this past Saturday, an ailing fan of his died from a sudden heart attack.


Apparently, as soon as the controversial decision was announced, 59-year-old Bienvenido Perez began to have trouble breathing. He was quickly rushed to the hospital; however, he died before they could even arrive.

“He was so disappointed with his idol’s loss,” Henry Macion told the Inquirer.

“He has a heart problem but the boxing result worsened his situation,” Macion said, also noting that his last words was “gitikasan si Manny (Manny was cheated).”

But is Macion sure that the heart attack stemmed from that horrible, horrible decision? It would appear so.

“He was so happy then when Pacquiao won over (Juan Manuel) Marquez, now he was so disappointed and thus the heart attack.”

So, there you have it. Boxing’s credibility died on Saturday night, and unfortunately it decided to take Bienvenido Perez with it.

(Kudos Inquirer)

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