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Manny Pacquiao to Duck Mike Alvarado, Fight Brandon Rios?

Manny Pacquiao will apparently not fight Juan Manuel Marquez or Timothy Bradley later this year. Despite the fact that both men were favorites to be his next opponent in October at one point in time, their mutual hatred of him seems to have beat out their desires to make many, many millions.

Marquez and Bradley will reportedly fight one another in September, which leaves Pacquiao with either Mike Alvarado or Brandon Rios to choose from for his next match.

While both Alvarado and Rios would have a very good shot at beating him, the logical choice, if you’re Pacquiao, would seem to be Alvarado. He’s coming off a win. He’s older. He doesn’t have as tough of a chin as Rios does. Perhaps most importantly, though, he’s far more content with his place in boxing now than he was six months ago – meaning there may be a sense of complacency there that was absent previously.

Alvarado, by any impartial observer’s standards, would seem like the smart option for Pacquiao at this stage in the game. So, naturally, the Filipino star and his camp are looking to fight Rios.

According to a recent report by FightHype, people with knowledge of negotiations have informed the site that Pacquiao will take on Rios and that “the bout is expected to take place some time in November in Macau, China.”

Immediately after that report surfaced, fans started accusing Pacquiao of ducking. Because, of course they did. Here is the thing, though: Is it really ducking if you’re opting for the more high-risk, low-reward option? It’s dumb, yeah. But it certainly isn’t ducking.

Regardless of who Pacquiao fights this November, Alvarado or Rios, he’ll likely get a far tougher test than he would have against Marquez or Bradley.


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