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Manny Pacquiao Doesn’t Care if Floyd Mayweather Beats Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

When Manny Pacquiao lost to Juan Manuel Marquez last December, everyone expected Floyd Mayweather Jr. to buy billboards across the United States with images of the knockout blow plastered all over them. Given his war of words with Pacquiao over the prior few years, it sort of made sense.

Only Mayweather stayed relatively silent.

Sure, he made a few snide comments. By and large, though, his response was somewhat muted.

When the undefeated champ did finally speak out – his reaction was brutal. Mayweather didn’t mock Pacquiao. He didn’t poke fun at him. He, while staying deathly serious the whole time, simply noted that the Filipino star was no longer in his league. Or, as he so eloquently said at a recent press conference for his upcoming fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez: "Pacquiao's a has-been.”

Why is that one quote important? Well, it’s important because it illustrates why Pacquiao needs to beat Brandon Rios in order to earn a shot at Mayweather, and why Mayweather can lose to Alvarez and still get a shot at Pacquiao. They’re on two different wave lengths right now. Pacquiao would kill for a big money shot at Mayweather; Mayweather doesn’t need Pacquiao.

“This is America and everybody is entitled to their opinion,” Koncz said in reply to Mayweather’s “has-been” comment. “However, if Floyd truly believes his statements are true then one would think he would jump to fight Manny.”

Except that’s not true. If Mayweather truly views Pacquiao as a “has-been,” which he apparently does, then he has zero incentive to ‘jump’ for this discussed bout. It only works if both parties stand to gain – not if only one does.

If Pacquiao truly wants a shot at Mayweather, no matter whether he beats Alvarez or not, he better make it worth his while; he better beat Rios and prove that he still has what it takes to challenge the top pound-for-pounder in the sport today.


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