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Manny Pacquiao Continues to Wait for Bob Arum and Michael Koncz to Find Him an Opponent

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Everyone knew that it would take Manny Pacquiao and his team some time to figure out who their next opponent would be, but nobody anticipated it taking this long. We’re two and a half months removed from Timothy Bradley’s controversial victory over the Filipino champ and, despite the fact that a rematch appeared imminent on the morning of June 10, we never did actually get an official word on what was going to happen next.

Last week, in various interviews, Bob Arum and Michael Koncz made it sound as though a final decision on a.) who their guy would be fighting and b.) when he’ll be fighting was just around the corner. On Friday, there was even some speculation that a decision would be passed down by Monday. Well, Monday is has come and gone, and yet we still don’t have an opponent or date for Pacquiao.

On Monday, Koncz spoke to Lem Satterfield from RingTV and said this about the pace at which this process has moved thus far:

"I spoke to Manny at length in regard to our upcoming fight with Manny on Sunday, and in reality, I've had ongoing phone conversations since Sunday with Bob," said Koncz during an interview with RingTV.com.

"This involves some very calculated business decisions, so I am planning on meeting with Bob again this evening in Los Angeles, and the dates are still open. We haven't committed to a date and we haven't committed to an opponent."

So what does this mean for boxing fans? It means that we all have to keep waiting. For whatever reason, Pacquiao and his camp are being super cautious about their next move. Maybe it’s because of how bad the champ’s last two bouts have been. Who knows. Regardless of the reason, though, a decision will ultimately be made. It’s a only a matter of time.

And seeing as we’ve waited this long – what’s a few more days, right?

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