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Manny Pacquiao Continues to Play Games with Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao and various members of his camp just can’t stop talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr.

At this point, everyone has their mind made up on which side of the fence they want to stand on when it comes to these two guys. The Pacquiao fans are absolutely, positively sure that Mayweather is ducking their guy.

Mayweather’s fans, the few that are left, are confident that Pacquiao’s career dominance is the byproduct of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and dismiss his accomplishments as unimpressive.

So when anyone representing either fighter comes out, they’re met with a predetermined reaction. That’s unfortunate, because you can glean a lot about both Pacquiao and Mayweather based on what their advisors, relatives and friends say.

Even if it’s not always one hundred percent truthful, it provides a window into what are typically highly secretive situations.

During a recent interview with RingTV, Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz had some very fascinating insight on why talks between his guy and Mayweather fell apart, and how realistic a fight between them coming to fruition truly is.

When pressed on whether or not he specifically believes a fight between the pair will ever come to be, Koncz’s response was sobering.

“I don't believe that the fight will ever be made. Floyd always seems to find new excuses when we come to terms on a prior excuse,” Koncz lamented.

“So I truly wish that the fight could be made, and I know that the fans want that fight to be made. But Manny doesn't need the fight. Manny has done more for boxing than anyone has, I believe. Manny's legacy is cemented.”

Pacquiao, of course, once famously said that while he wants to fight Mayweather, he can’t force the undefeated champion to get into the ring with him. He can only do his part, and hope for the best. Koncz, apparently, agrees with that notion.

“That's an accurate statement,” he said of Pacquiao’s comment. “How can you force anybody to fight? But again, we're not focused on Floyd either.”

Not focused on Mayweather? So Pacquiao’s camp has completely refocused their attention away from their arch rival?

Not exactly. They’re still willing to fight Mayweather, they just don’t plan to be the ones to seek out the fight.

“If Floyd Mayweather wants to fight Manny, then his people, including Al Haymon, know how to reach out to me. They know how to reach out to [Top Rank Inc. CEO ] Bob Arum, and we can sit down and make the fight,” Koncz said.

“They can reach me or Bob. But I'm not going to start giving points and details into the media because that never helps any type of negotiations.”

Essentially, Koncz wants it known that the ball is in Mayweather’s court. If he wants to make something happen – he can.

A very interesting game is being played by Pacquiao’s people these days, particularly Bob Arum and Koncz himself. Even though the Filipino champion has tried to steer clear of discussing Mayweather, he’s still letting his people fight the PR war for him. Every time he can paint Mayweather as unreasonable as it applies to putting together a superfight, or scared of him, or anything of that sort, he wins.

And by the looks of Mayweather’s PPV struggles as of late, it appears as though Pacquiao has been winning a lot as of late.


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