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Manny Pacquiao is Coming to His Senses, Will Likely Fight Juan Manuel Marquez in September

Manny Pacquiao does not need to rush into an ill-advised April 2013 fight. He doesn’t need a tune-up in order to be mentally and physically prepared for Juan Manuel Marquez. He doesn’t need whatever paltry sum he could possibly net from a bout against the likes of Vyacheslav Senchenko or Jessie Vargas. He doesn’t need to circumvent the NSAC by fighting outside of the United States in order to put together some haphazard showdown that nobody really want to see.

What the Filipino star needs is his rest. That’s it. You don’t need to be a licensed medical professional to know that the sort of blow that Pacquiao took from Juan Manuel Marquez on Dec. 8 leaves a lasting impact. Through countless wars and more battles than anyone can remember against boxing’s biggest stars, never has a single punch floored this guy like the one that knocked him out a month ago.

The notion that what Pacquiao needs right now is a tune-up as opposed to R&R, pure and uninterrupted R&R, is absolutely ludicrous. There is a reason why the NSAC put the 90/120 restriction in place – it wasn’t just to screw with Bob Arum’s bottom line.

If everyone with any shred of common sense can see that there is no point in rushing Pacquiao back for an April fight, then why are there so many rumors floating around about him doing just that?

Well, according to Sports Illustrated, it’s because his advisor Michael Koncz really wants to get his guy into two matches this year. In a recent “Quick Jabs” colmn, the good folks at SI noted that “Freddie Roach, told recently that he prefers that Pacquiao… out of the ring until September. Pacquiao’s promoter, Top Rank, isn’t pushing to make the fight… Most of the talk of a comeback fight is coming from Pacquiao’s business advisor, Michael Koncz.”

Well, that explains it.

Boxing is Roach’s craft, he understands that Pacquiao isn’t ready to hastily jump into the ring with some random foe right now. Top Rank is filled with knowledgeable businessmen, they understand that the risk/reward associated with a tune-up doesn’t make sense. The only person who seems to be prioritizing personal gain over long-term objectives is Koncz.

At the end of the day it's hard to imagine Pacquiao going against the advice of Roach and his guys at Top Rank just to please his advisor. More likely than not, unless he really wants to fight Senchenko for absolutely no reason, the Filipino star will do what’s right and wait until September to fight Marquez again.

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