Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Floyd Mayweather, Questions His Manhood


Manny Pacquiao has been politely hinting that he wants a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr. for weeks now. After spending the better part of fours years acting like he would be fine with never fighting the undefeated champ, Pacquiao now wants to erase all doubt: this is a bout he wants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be one that Mayweather currently wants. Every single time he’s pressed on a potential showdown against his rival, Mayweather simply says that Pacquiao no longer deserves the match.

So now Pacquiao is trying a different approach

While speaking to Aquiles Zonio of, Pacquiao didn’t hold any punches; he went directly after Mayweather’s manhood.

“Floyd, if you’re a real man, fight me," he reportedly said. "Let’s do it for the love of boxing and for the fans. Let’s do it not for the sake of money. Let’s make the boxing fans happy.” 

That’s a pretty huge departure from the quiet, respectful Pacquiao folks usually see in the media. If anything, it just reaffirms how desperate he is for a shot at Mayweather now. Although, it’s worth noting, he says he’s not desperate because of the money.

“I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things,” he said. “I’m not the one seeking this fight; rather it’s the boxing fans all over the world.”

This would be much more believable if Pacquiao wasn’t currently commanding the lowest paydays of his career, and struggling to find quality opponents that will help him generate the sort of PPV buys he used to get.

But then he added this bit…

“Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight. We will donate all the proceeds from the fight—guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements—to charities around the world.”

Now that’s a challenge. Will Mayweather respond? We’ll find out soon enough.


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