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Manny Pacquiao, Arum will Keep Ducking Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao’s tendency to duck quality boxers in favor of overmatched, over-the-hill punching bags is a matter of public record.

Anyone who has followed boxing for an extended period of time has seen this guy shirk one potential super fight after another in favor of lining his pockets with money and preserving his paper champ titles.

That’s all fine.

He’s not the first, nor the last big talking boxer who is scared to back his words up.

Heck, nobody even blames his Top Rank puppet master, Bob Arum, for that camp’s greediness and non-stop money grubbing anymore. After they opted to fight ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley over numerous legitimate contenders everyone saw those sharks for what they were, shook their heads and went on about their business.

The one underlying hope everyone had, though, was that Pacquiao would man up at some point. That some deep-seeded sense of pride within him would awaken. That he would stop being such a little errand boy for Arum and that he would finally want to become true to his falsely anointed “people’s champ” title.

Well, it’s safe to say now -- that’s not going to happen.

According to Arum himself, a third battle with one of the true few contenders left for Pacquiao to go up against in Juan Manuel Marquez likely won’t go down.

"A fight with Marquez is not possible. It's a question of weight. Pacquiao rose in weight and continued to fight between welterweight and super welterweight and you know the results. Marquez cannot go to that weight [147] because his fights above 135 have not been consistent.  You can't have a yo-yo diet where you go up and down. You have to establish yourself in a division and then fight at the weight. It's what Manny did," Arum recently said.


Will this guy spin the truth any which way to protect his golden egg? Or has he gotten so used to lying and telling half-truths that he doesn’t even remember what’s real anymore?

Arum can spew nonsense about weight all he wants, but the fact that Marquez was robbed in their first bout remains. Maybe the pretty glow of a few cheap knockdowns courtesy of Pacquiao blinded his legion of followers. However, all in all, Marquez fought the better complete fight in their first showdown.

Then, in the split decision win for Pacquiao in the second fight – Marquez once against proved his warrior spirit. A higher punching efficiency on more punches may not have been enough to secure the win over the Filipino paper champ, but it should have been enough to warrant a third fight.

And for those who have forgotten, Marquez demanded that third fight. He wanted it so badly that he flew to the Philippines -- Pacquiao’s home turf -- and asked for it there.

Naturally, though, Pacquiao ducked the potential final chapter to an unfinished feud. Being scared of a loss will cause a man to do that.

However, there was always that hope. That one shining ray of possibility that perhaps, one day, Pacquiao would man up and accept Marquez’s challenge.

Doesn’t appear as though that will happen.

After all, why risk an L when you can fight over-the-hill Mosley for a big payday and zero risk – right?

I don’t think this is the end of Pacquiao and Marquez, though. The people’s chump is developing an interesting pattern in the opponents he selects. He seems to be waiting for them to either get hurt, or rusty or some combination of both before agreeing to a match.

He’ll likely do the same thing with Marquez.

Mark it down, these two will fight again despite Arum’s claims. Only it will be when Pacquiao is sure he can physically hang with a real fighter and not the patsies Top Rank has been giving him as of late.


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