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Manny Pacquiao, Arum, Making Mockery of Boxing

Wait, there is a boxing match coming up featuring Manny Pacquiao? Really?

With the way Manny Bieber has been touring the press circuits in recent days, I assumed he was just auditioning for his very own reality TV show.

Keeping Up with the Pacdashians. Jermanny Shore. American Pacquidol. The Biggest Loser (or Manny's Next Opponent)

What a joke the sport of boxing has become. It’s almost sickening to watch the once-respected pugilistic art that everyone loved, devolve into the circus act that it is now.

Maybe on Thursday Bob Arum can come out riding an elephant and do a duet of Pink Floyd’s “Money” with Manny.

Are people even aware of the surefire snooze-fest that will have Pacquiao squaring off against ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas? Does anyone care that this guaranteed beat down of Mosley was put together for the sole purpose of taking dollars out of the wallets of boxing fans -- all the while giving them a filler fight of the worst kind? 

Will anyone bring up the fact that there were at least two better opponents that Pacquiao could have fought in place of Mosley? Or the fact that his own trainer admitted that the coming fight wasn’t the one he wanted for his guy?

Mosley has no shot against Pacquiao. Not a one. Well all know it. And it’s not because the paper champion is oh so good. No, it’s because Mosley is so far past his prime he’s ready to start his career all over again.

The only way Pacquiao could have guaranteed himself an easier victory for his next match would have been to schedule a rematch fight with any of the patsies he’s fought against in his last three, cherry-picking bouts.

Yet we have to sit there, all day, and watch Pacquiao do interview after interview about how Mosley is a legitimate opponent. Not because the Filipino pop star actually believes it, though. Rather, because it wouldn’t make sense for the cameras that are filming his reality sitcom to do so if he wasn’t “preparing” for a “big fight.”

There isn’t actually any preparation going on, of course. And obviously this is anything but a big fight. It’s one of the most talented boxers in the world getting ready to pummel a once-upon-a-time legend into oblivion for a big payday.

Not that it matters to Pacquiao. He doesn’t mind being Arum’s little propaganda machine. That’s the sad part of the whole thing.

The man who was once heralded as the people’s champ, one of the few good guys in a sport filled with crooks, has sold out. No more fighting legitimate opponents for Manny. Now it’s all about the nobodies, proven cheaters and past-their-prime has-beens.

Yeah, he has a new haircut. Sure, there is the nifty new goatee. Highly publicized meetings with Henry Reid and Barack Obama -- excellent.

Is anybody stopping to wonder why these are the main stories everyone is talking about?

Countless interviews, millions of photo-ops, and yet no one seems to have the guts to ask any of the questions people actually want to know.

Why did Manny wait this long to fight ‘Splenda’?

Why isn’t he fighting Marquez now if his camp is already talking about a potential bout with the guy after this coming match?

Is there any connection between people wondering why Pacquiao has never beaten a black American fighter and him opting to fight Mosley?

But alas, none of these things ever get addressed in the millions upon millions of interviews.

Instead we get to know the ins and outs of the inspiration behind Pacquiao’s latest hairdos.



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