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Manny Pacquiao vs. Mike Alvarado Ideal if Juan Manuel Marquez Turns Down Fifth Fight

Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent will probably be Juan Manuel Marquez. Despite the fact that he obviously doesn’t want to give his Mexican counterpart as much money as he is demanding, and regardless of how many other viable options he feels he has, at the end of the day Pacquiao understands what’s on the line here. A fifth fight against Marquez guarantees the biggest pay day imaginable, plus the opportunity to fix a very embarrassing blemish on his record. A fight against anyone else would be viewed as second-best.

That being said, an agreement between Pacquiao and Marquez should have been reached already. Both men and their camps have postured to no end since last December, and by now, there should have been a resolution. Heading into Saturday, Bob Arum said that Pacquiao’s next opponent would be announced this weekend. By extension, fans would then also learn what Marquez’s fate was.

The weekend came and went with no announcement.

During a recent interview with the Manila Standard, Arum reiterated that Marquez wasn’t the only fish in the sea. He cited Mike Alvarado, Timothy Bradley and Brandon Rios as other possible foes for his Filipino star. The latter fighter is coming off a loss, so he is immediately thrown out of contention; the first two are coming off wins.

Bradley and Pacquiao famously fought in 2012 to lukewarm results, both from a box office and critical standpoint, so it’s unlikely that all involved would want to do that again. Alvarado, meanwhile, brings a pretty sizable fan base to the table, and he’s coming off yet another Fight of the Year-esque performance against Rios.

If Pacquiao doesn’t end up fighting Marquez, which he probably will, then Alvarado will likely be his next opponent come October.

Source: Manila Standard


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