Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Should Fight, Says Floyd Mayweather


It’s not just fans who want to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. square off in a fight that has been four years in the making. As he made abundantly clear in a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather is very interested in the bout as well.

There’s just one problem.

It’s the wrong Floyd Mayweather.

In an interview with On The Ropes Radio, which Boxing News 24 was kind enough to transcribe, Mayweather Sr. insists that he too wants to see Mayweather-Pacquiao – so long as the proper performance enhancing drug (PED) testing measures are in place. 

“If Floyd makes sure that he’s [Pacquiao] clean, checking him from head to toe,” he said. “He’s the last man standing. I think he [Floyd] would give Pacquiao a very good whipping.

“He’s got to take every test. If anything looks strange with Floyd getting whupped by Pacquiao, we going to have to stop that fight right there and see what the hell is going on with Pacquiao.”

It’s good to see that, after all this time and a defamation suit regarding the matter, the Mayweather family still firmly believes that their Filipino arch rival is on something.

Some conspiracy theories die hard.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Mayweather will fight Amir Khan next May. Although the latter’s camp has come out and rejected the idea that their bout with Mayweather is finalized, there is starting to be a little too much noise here to ignore.

For what it’s worth, this was the statement from Khan’s camp: "Contrary to this story, Amir Khan is currently in training camp in San Francisco with the aim of fighting again in December against [Devon] Alexander once an agreement can be reached."

Presuming that Mayweather-Khan is on deck for May 2014, that’s really bad news for Pacquiao.

At 34 years old, with two consecutive losses under his belt, Pacquiao doesn’t have much time left in this sport. If Mayweather truly wanted to fight both Pacquiao and Khan, he should have taken on the former first. Khan is 26 years old, there will be plenty of time to take him on after Pacquiao has dropped off the radar.

Still, seeing as Mayweather Sr. has his son’s ear nowadays, his endorsement of the most highly anticipated fight in boxing history to never materialize can only mean good things.


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