Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Interest Revived After Pacman's Win


Pacquiao is back.  

In his victory over Timothy Bradley on Saturday, Pacman displayed all the traits his fans came to love over the years but haven’t seen quite as much of lately. The aggression, footwork, and quick hands that made him one of the top fighters in the world over the last decade were all on display.

In reclaiming his WBO welterweight title, Pacquiao positions himself once again as the top contender to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. But will actually happen? That’s been the question for years now.

Pacquiao told the media he’s good for at least three more fights and will fight anyone his promoter Bob Arum puts in front of him. Talk is cheap at this point, though, as both Pacquiao and Mayweather’s camps have said they would be open to schedule a fight for years now. Obviously we’re still waiting.

If Pacquiao wants to make the kind of money he made back in his peak from 2008-2009, its definitely in his best interest to give Mayweather a call. His Saturday bout with Bradley had an estimated buyrate of roughly 800,000. Mayweather, meanwhile, is in the midst of a streak in which his last seven fights have pulled in over a million viewers each.

Though Pacquiao remains solidly entrenched as boxing’s second biggest star, he’s clearly playing second fiddle to Mayweather at this point. Of course, a fight between the two could change all of that.

We’ll wait and see.


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