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Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan May Fight for a Shot at Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been on something of a collision course for going on five years now. The likelihood of them meeting, given past history, isn’t great. That being said, all this time later, fans are still salivating at the prospect of this one-time dream match. Even though neither guy is in his prime anymore, and despite the fact that this would now be more of a novelty act than meeting of boxing’s two best fighters, there is still a very good chance that this would be the most purchased PPV in the sport’s history.

The problem with a prospective Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is that it can’t happen in 2013. Both guys are booked up through the end of the year – Pacquiao has a date with Brandon Rios, Mayweather with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Best case scenario is that, if both win, they can meet at some point in the middle-ish portion of 2014. If Pacquiao wins and Mayweather loses, this can still happen, just with less hype surrounding it. And if Pacquiao loses and Mayweather wins/loses, it won’t happen, because the Filipino star will retire.

One potential wrench that’s been thrown into the 2014 plans is Amir Khan. According to Golden Boy boss Richard Schaefer, the 26-year-old star is one big win away from locking up a shot at Mayweather.

 “Amir needs one fight at welterweight, along with a title, to set up the match with Floyd. He is getting that chance against Devon, who has agreed the fight. We will be finalising and signing the contracts in the next couple of weeks,” he told The Daily Mail.

“We have opened discussions with the ruling family of the Emirates who have made it very clear that they are keen to put on a major boxing event,” he continued. “This is very exciting for Amir and all of us. If he defeats Devon, preferably in style, the next step for him would be against Floyd.”

That ‘in style’ distinction is an important one. While Khan was certainly known to end fights ‘in style’ earlier in his career, that is no longer the case. What happens if he beats Devon Alexander, but does so in controversial fashion?

Well, assuming Pacquiao gets past Rios, why not set up an eliminator between Pacquiao and Khan? A battle between the two has been brewing for a long time. Neither has any allegiance to each other anymore after Khan’s split from Roach. It makes sense on all levels.

Will it actually happen? It’s impossible to say. Should it happen? Yup.


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