Manny Pacquiao Admits that Floyd Mayweather is in His Plans

Everyone wants to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. get into the ring and fight one another. Boxing fans want to see it. Former fighters want to see it. The big money people involved in these sorts of things want to see it. And apparently, Pacquiao’s own children want to see it.

During a recent interview with one of the Sweet Science’s ultimate legends, Sugar Ray Leonard, Pacquiao admitted that Mayweather is still on his mind. Or, more specifically, on his kids’ minds. And he acknowledged that while everyone in his family wants him to retire at some point in the not-so-distant future, they also want him to do one more thing before hanging up the gloves – fight and beat his undefeated arch rival.

(Check out Pacquiao and Leonard cracking up about it at the 8:00 mark):

Earlier in the interview, the pair also discussed how tough it was to be a top-tier fighter and big time celebrity all at the same time. One of the more interesting subplots to keep an eye on as Pacquiao prepares for his upcoming June 9 bout versus Timothy Bradley is how he handles all of the distractions that seem to pop up on a weekly basis. Whether it’s his charity being in the middle of some legal mess, his taxes being the subject of government ridicule,Mayweather trying to paint him as being overly-greedy or something else entirely, it feels as though the Filipino champion is constantly in the news for something other than boxing.

Leonard really seemed to identify with Pacquiao’s out-of-the-ring stuff in a way we haven’t seen anyone else be able to up to this point. It was very nice to see two of boxing’s titans bond and connect on a level that 99.9 percent of the world probably couldn’t even begin to understand.

Definitely a must-watch interview.

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