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Manny Pacquiao Accused of PED Use Once Again

Manny Pacquiao has been on the wrong end of performance enhancing drug speculation for many years now. The former champ’s growth and ability to dominate boxing in numerous weight classes, coupled with his ridiculous popularity, made him an ideal target for folks who wanted to put his accomplishments in doubt. There hasn't been any actual evidence to prove that he ever abused any sort of illicit substance for competitive gain, but that hasn’t stopped various fighters and non-fighters from hurling allegations at him and hoping that they stick.

The most popular and well-known case of someone accusing Pacquiao of using PEDs, of course, is Floyd Mayweather’s ill-fated attempt at doing so a few years back. That ultimately ended in a lengthy legal battle and Mayweather basically being forced to backpedal on his baseless, unsubstantiated claims.

Since then others have come out of the woodwork to soft-pitch accusations against the former eight division champ, but because of their lack of notoriety, none of their comments ever stuck quite like Mayweather’s. Pacquiao didn’t even bother with legal action against them.

During a recent interview with Boxing Scene, former champ Jorge Arce became the latest fighter to question Pacquiao’s legitimacy as a clean boxer.

"Pacquiao is getting something, that's for sure," Arce said. "He never [comes up] positive [during drug tests], so it is logical that he is using something that is legal or not detectable in his urine. Because I remember when Pacquiao did not want to fight [Floyd] Mayweather, because [Mayweather] said that he wanted to have doping tests [involved in their fight] and Manny refused to have them.

“Pacman is coming from [the] flyweight [division] and walks around at welterweight. I am convinced that Manny is getting something, but it is not detectable. I've seen him overwhelm [fighters] who are much bigger than him."

It’s hard to figure out what Arce’s endgame here is. Even if he really believes that Pacquiao is on something, why would he just aimlessly throw the allegation out there after seeing what happened to Mayweather? Furthermore…

Memo's guy Jorge Arce up next for Nonito Donaire. Nonito does 24/7/365 random blood & urine testing. Arce has done no testing. None required

— Victor Conte (@VictorConte) December 9, 2012

It’s just weird for Arce to pull this move in the here and now. Truly and completely bizarre.

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