Manny Diaz Fired After Disastrous Texas Loss, Mack Brown Figures to Be Next

There is a certain process head football coaches have to go through when they know the end is near. First they enter denial, believing that whatever the media is telling them about their own ineptness isn’t actually true. Then they sacrifice a trusted lieutenant, regardless of whether the move will change anything or not. And finally, when there is nowhere else to turn and no one else to throw under the bus, the head football coach either accepts his fate and resigns or is given a boot to the you-know-what.

On Sunday, less than a day after BYU smashed the Texas defense for 550 yards, Mack Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz. Greg Robinson will step in for Diaz until Brown is inevitably fired and a new coaching staff is brought in.

Although you’d never guess it by the way the Longhorns looked this weekend, Diaz was at one point considered a surefire future head coach in college football. Unfortunately, after two straight seasons of Texas’ defense getting worse, the shine quickly wore off and he became a scapegoat of sorts for a team whose troubles extend far beyond just defense.

Now that Diaz has been shown the door, there is just one domino left. Texas has at least three losses still remaining on its schedule, and there is no way Brown will survive that. No. Way. Putting the sheer embarrassment of a 4+ loss season aside, there is a pretty substantial financial incentive for him to get the boot, too.

Texas was genius in extending Mack Brown thru 2020. Provision was drastically changing buyout.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) September 9, 2013

Texas has committed around $42M to Mack Brown thru 2020. But that's only if he coaches. Buyout now is only $2.75M (6.5% of $)

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) September 9, 2013

This Saturday, Texas is scheduled to take on Ole Miss. If Brown can’t get past the Rebels, he may be put out of his misery a lot quicker than anyone originally expected.


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