Manning is the Key if Giants are to Beat Bears

With the spotlight shining brightly on the New York Jets this season, the Giants have become “that other team” in New York.

So far, the Giants can blame their 1-2 record on inconsistent play. They are a talented bunch but have lost two games, by 24 points to the Colts, and 19 points to the Titans. To their credit, they beat Carolina by 13. 

Inconsistency in a football team can usually be linked to the quarterback and that is definitely the case in the Giants situation. 

Eli Manning has completed 67 of 102 passes for 810 yards and five touchdowns in three games. By looking at those stats alone, in wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that Manning is have a pretty good year. But if I added that fact that he has thrown six interceptions, has been sacked seven times and 386 of those 810 passing yards were accumulated in one game, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that Manning’s year wasn’t going quite as well.

This week Manning and the Giants inconsistent offense is taking on the undefeated Chicago Bears whose defensive combination of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs aren’t going to make things any easier. Nonetheless, if New York’s offense can put some points on the board and stay away from turnovers, their defense will give them a fantastic chance to win.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has been throwing the ball nearly 30 times per game, racking up 870 passing yards thus far. However, that offense isn’t as potent as the other top offensive teams in the league and something about a work-in-progress is very appealing when looking at this matchup. If Manning can refrain from turning the ball over and the Giants secondary plays as well as they have been so far this season, the Bears will be undefeated no more. 


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