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Manchester FA Official Phil Morris Suspended for ‘Concentration Camps’ Remark

Phil Morris, a Manchester FA official who served as referee appointments secretary, was suspended by an FA panel on last Friday for some very insensitive comments.

According to the Daily Mail, Morris was overheard giving this gem of a tip to one of his referees as that official was heading off to oversee a Jewish League game: “Tell them to remember the concentration camps if they give you any ****.”

Shockingly, a teenage Jewish official who happened to be within earshot didn’t take lightly to the Holocaust reference and, in turn, passed it along to the FA for an investigation.

After an extensive inquiry into what was said, Morris was eventually found guilty of using “'abusive and/or insulting words, aggravated by race.” The ruling body, as punishment, suspended the 19-year veteran of the FA council until May 1.

Here is the full statement on what transpired from Colin Bridgford, chief executive of the Manchester FA (via the Daily Mail):

Following a hearing conducted by the FA on February 10, Manchester FA can confirm that the FA have suspended Philip Morris from all football and football activity until May 1. 

The commission considered all the evidence in relation to a charge under FA Rule E3(2) in that Mr Morris used abusive and/or insulting words aggravated by race. Mr Morris has the right to appeal in accordance with FA regulations.

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