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Man Takes Ball Away From Woman at New Orleans Saints Game (Video)

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham tossed a football to a female Bengals fan after scoring a touchdown during a 27-10 win over the New Orleans Saints today.

However, the ball meant for Christa Barrett was intercepted by a Saints' fan (video below).

According to Yahoo!, the man showed no remorse for his actions during an interview with CBS Sports.

The Cincinnati Enquirer identified the man as Tony Williams.

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The crowd reportedly yelled at Williams, "Give her the ball! Give her the ball!"

Barrett's friend, Cara Meadows, said that Williams steadfastly refused.

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"He kept saying, 'No, ma'am,'" Meadows recalled.

However, the Saints did provide Barrett with a football to make up for Williams' interception.

Sources: Yahoo!, Cincinnati Enquirer


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