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Man Proposes to Woman at Baseball Game, She Rejects Him (Video)

For reasons that science has not yet discovered, men like to propose to women at sporting events in front of crowds and TV cameras.

Usually, the woman busts into tears and accepts the proposal, the crowd cheers and the couple lives happily ever after, but not always.

During a recent New Britain Rock Cats minor league baseball game in New Britain, Connecticut, a man named "David" got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend "Jessica" to marry him, noted The Guardian (video below).

"This is a big question, she looks excited," said the on-field announcer. "Everybody wants to know, yes or no?"

There was the predictable shocked look on her face, but then Jessica said, "David, I'm sorry. I can't."

Jessica then ran out of the stadium leaving the confused young man on the field.

Moments later, David also took off, hopefully to reunite with Jessica in the parking lot.

Source: The Guardian


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