Man Does Sieg Heil Salute at 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies?


The Opening Ceremonies at the 2012 London Games suddenly looked a lot like the Opening Ceremonies at the Berlin Games in 1936 when this -- yet-to-be-identified individual -- gave what appeared to be a shocking Sieg Heil salute as the German Olympians rounded the track during Friday night's festivities.

According to Busted Coverage: Just saw this during the BBC One broadcast of the London Olympics ceremony. The German Olympians were introduced and then BBC showed a shot of this guy doing the GermanSieg heil salute to the athletes. That is the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in the background with his hand over his mouth.

Hard to say, but it sure looks like Johnson is muffling a laugh. What could possibly be so funny about a man making this salute? Here is the video of the incident.


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