Man Breaks Into Wrigley Field to Steal Ivy, Gets Arrested


The economy is bad and its forcing sports fans to take drastic measures when it comes to providing their families with the essentials – i.e. breaking into Wrigley Field and trying to steal some of the available ivy.

Personally, I blame Obama.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a Lakeview man was arrested early Sunday morning for running onto Wrigley Field for the sole purpose of retrieving ivy. For his troubles, 24-year-old Michael Vite was charged with criminal trespass to land, a misdemeanor, according to police.

The resident of the 1000 block of West Georgia Street reportedly broke into the stadium through a construction area around 7:30 a.m. thinking that there wouldn’t be any eyes on him. Unfortunately, a Chicago Cubs security officer spotted him and watched him grab some ivy off the back wall via security cameras.

When he noticed that he had been seen, Vite reportedly attempted to flee but was eventually caught and arrested by Town Hall District police officers.

Sadly, this little incident probably won’t change anyone’s opinions of Cubs fans.

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