Man Apologizes for Hitting Bears Devin Hester

We saw this story the other day, but didn’t see the follow up apology. Thanks to Chad for passing it along. Devin Hester was in a casino recently, waiting in line to cash in his chips. The next thing he knew, some dude slapped him upside the head.

Hester didn’t react at all, he just went to get security and they took care of the offender, Daniel Rago, 52. We give Hester credit for not laying a beat down on some stranger who just randomly cracked him.

But, Rago is now giving his side of the story, and he’s apologetic to the point where we kind of feel sorry for him. He said he was in line with Hester along with an elderly couple. A new window opened up, and the teller waved Hester over to cash in his chips. Rago thought the elderly couple should have gone first.

“I went over to the left of him and as a father would reprimand a kid — not saying he’s a kid, but a young man, okay — and I just gave him a biff on the back of the head, is what I did.”

He then apologizes.

“I was wrong for doing that. I mean, nothing justifies a person hitting or touching another person. It’s wrong on my part.”

And he’s even offering up an olive branch to Hester, who may or may not take him up on his offer.

“Devin, if you’re listening, and you can see me here, I’m telling you, I am so, so sorry,” Rago said. “I made a mistake. I’m the bad guy here, and I apologize. And I’m going to ask you right now — I will donate $500 to the charity of your choice and 20 hours of community service on your behalf. I messed up, and I apologize for that.”

He then made it clear that Hester did absolutely nothing wrong and was minding his own business.

“Devin did nothing wrong. He told me that the lady waved him in, so he did what he was instructed to do, okay? So, no no. Devin did nothing wrong. I’m the one that used poor judgment here. Devin’s a good man, and I apologize to him and everybody else,” he continued.

If Hester takes him up on his offer, that will be a head slap that he took for charity.


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