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Did Arkansas' Ryan Mallett Admit Drug Use at NFL Combine?

Few are concerned about the talent level of Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. However, everyone seems to be worried about his character issues and party habits. While he has continued to downplay any drug use, he reportedly did admit to teams at the Combine that he’s used them in recreational fashion during his time at college.

One NFL GM tells Pro Football Weekly that Mallett was the first QB that has ever admitted to him that he’s used drugs in the past.

Honesty is the best policy?

Still, Mallett has a reputation as a “big party guy” and he’s even been arrested for public intoxication while at Arkansas. Getting hammered in public doesn’t exactly scream “leadership” to NFL teams.

As a matter of fact, one NFL executive told PFW that “I would not take him at any point.” Yikes. That means there is serious, serious cause for alarm with him because no NFL team will ever completely ignore quarterback talent.

Mallett will most likely go in the second round, but it only takes one team to change that.


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