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Making Sense of Ichiro Suzuki to Yankees, Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez to Tigers and More

Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez were traded to Detroit Tigers today in what may be just the first of many moves. The Marlins have been nothing short of a complete disappointment this year and with the amount of money put in to not only the stadium but the players as well, management is going to be forced to make some tough decisions.

The trade shouldn’t hurt Infante’s production too much. He’s been having a good year to this point and the Tigers have been trying all year to get some production out of the second base position. Infante should give them that and benefit from being in a consistent line up every day.

Sanchez will most likely benefit the most from this trade. The Marlins lineup has been wildly inconsistent and Anibal has been a tough luck loser on multiple occasions this season. Expect his wins to go up as the Tigers look to make a run and pull away from the pack in the AL Central.

Although the Marlins have come out and said that a few of their players aren’t on the trading block (Hanley Ramirez, Giancarlo Stanton) you had to believe that the closer we get to the July 31st trade deadline – and the farther the Marlins fall out of contention and in to the wandering eyes of teams looking for a game changer at the deadline – the team will make at least one other move.

Monitor this situation closely moving forward.

Why, Jon Lester? Why?

What happened? How did he all of a sudden become so unbelievably bad. Between Lester and Josh Beckett, the Red Sox have two of the worst first-inning pitchers in baseball.

Beckett’s problem could be related to his shoulder (or the fact that he’s just an ass) but Lester’s seems to be much different. I almost feel like an injury report would be a blessing at this point. At least then there would be an excuse other than “it’s a mental thing.”

In my fan/baseball opinion, the Red Sox shouldn’t move him. In my fantasy opinion, I don’t know if you should either. There isn’t much you could get for him unless you were to package him with another player. Even then, who’s going to take a flyer on the guy with the worst first inning ERA in the bigs?

Of course you could always do what the Rockies and Royals did and swap underperforming pitchers in the hopes that a change of scenery will do the guy some good. Fantasy Baseball may be a little different in that regard, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to see his name there on your roster anymore? Hell, swap him for Lincecum. At least then your best/worst pitcher will have a cool nickname.

Did Roy Oswalt Find It Just In Time To Get Injured?

Yes and no.

Oswalt’s injury doesn’t appear to be too serious (he only expects to miss a start) and he has been pitching much better of late. But I’d like to see him go deep in to a game before I decide that he’s found that old magic. If you can afford to roster him and take a wait and see approach I’d say go for it. But I wouldn’t attach my playoff hopes to the potential of a Roy Oswalt hot streak.

How Is Jarrod Parker Not Owned In More Leagues?

Do you know how many earned runs per start Jarrod Parker has averaged in his last 10 starts? 1.9.

That’s consistency right there.

Is There Any Way To Replace Ian Desmond?

Desmond has a torn oblique and he’s going to miss a real big chunk of time. He was the No. 1  ranked shortstop – there is no replacing that. But you can’t just mail it in because one player went down. You’re not the Chicago Bulls, right?

As hard as it’s going to be to replace everything that Desmond used to do, you can come close in a couple categories. There’s a little guy for the Rockies named Josh Rutledge who can help you out. In the beggining of the month he was in Double-A and now he’s solidified his role as the starting shortstop in Colorado. In 9 games he’s hitting .356 with 4 runs, 5 RBI and 3 SB.

Tulo isn’t coming back this season no matter what he says. That means Rutledge is the man for the time being and while nobody is going to confuse the two – the Rockies (and your team searching for a shortstop) could do much worse.

Rutledge plays the game hard and that old adage about how “speed never slumps” is going to lead to a lot of extra hits, and consequently extra stolen bases. If you can deal with the fact that he’s not going to hit the ball out like Desmond, then you might have found a replacement until this DL stint is over.

What Do You Mean The Yankees Got Ichiro?

When I heard that the Yankees were looking for outfield depth after the news came out that Brett Gardner was going to miss the rest of the season I figured they would go out and get a guy like Logan Morrison or someone of that nature. Not a former MVP, batting champ, All Star and 10 time gold glove winner.

“Oh, but Ichiro is having a bad year.”

Can it.

He’s been on fire for about two weeks now and all of those numbers are only going to go up in that Yankees lineup. Wanna see how?

Runs: It’s not known where he’ll hit in the lineup but you would imagine that the Yankees are going to have him near the top or at 9th. When he gets on base there will be some pretty serious hitters trying to get him in.

Average: I don’t really have a reason for this going up other than I just have a feeling that Ichiro is about to go off.

Home runs: Ichiro owners don’t expect these to begin with. And while he’s not about to challenge anyone to a home run derby he does have some pop. Yankee Stadium is a joke to right field and Ichiro is a talented enough hitter to yank a ball here and there. He has four home runs right now and I really think he’s going to have over 12 by the end of the season.

Stolen Bases: The Yankees will be without Brett Gardner for the rest of the season. The Yankees need stolen bases and someone to set the table at the bottom of the lineup now. Ichiro can do both of those things.

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