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Ex-Wife Involved in Lorenzen Wright Murder?

Police are still trying to figure out what happened to former Atlanta Hawk and Memphis Grizzly Lorenzen Wright. His body was found riddled with bullets a couple weeks ago in a Southeast Memphis field.

Now, police are focusing their investigation on his ex-wife, Sherra Wright, according to a report from Her house was searched on Sunday and police were checking out the backyard grill and fire pit quite closely. Neighbors say that Wright had a huge fire in the pit a couple days after Wright’s disappearance. They said that it’s highly unusual to have a fire that big on one of the hottest nights of the year.

In addition, the former personal assistant for Wright says that she has audio recordings that she made from conversations with Sherra a couple years ago. She warned Lorenzen and played the tapes for him as well as his family and Memphis police.

Wendy Wilson says that she would say “things like if she caught him with anyone else, she’d have him ‘F’d up’ or whatever.” She went on to say that Sherra was unstable and that she tried to just avoid dealing with her completely.

A few days ago, Sherra Wright’s attorney claimed that Sherra received a threatening visit from armed men dressed in sport coats and yielding weapons about six weeks ago. She said the men were looking for Lorenzen and that they said they’d harm her and her family if she said anything about it. Her attorney claims that she was terrified to come forward until now.

We don’t know all the facts of this case, but that last part sounds like a bunch of nonesense.

Stay tuned.


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