MMA: Maiquel Falcao Pulled from UFC 134, Released by UFC


Maiquel Falcao is a promising Middleweight with an excellent 26-3 record and 21 Knockouts to his credit.  He defeated Gerald Harris in his UFC debut, but was removed from a UFC 134 fight with Tom Lawler and released altogether by the UFC today.

For Maiquel Falcao the past haunts him.  An incident back in 2002, where a female was injured in a fight he was involved in.

Falcao recounted the story to MMA Junkie when they broke the story in December 2010.  “In 2002, I was at a club with a couple of friends, and one of them had an argument with another group of guys.  They started fighting, and soon it became a fight between two groups. One girl got injured in the lips during this mess and took me and my friends to court. I was considered guilty for aggression.”

After his fight with Gerald Harris, he returned to his hometown and was promptly arrested.  Apparently there has been media and fan outcry in Brazil to have him removed from the card, and the UFC did just that.  Seemingly not finding the distractions worth the investment, they released Maiquel altogether.

His attorneys feel confident charges will be dropped later this year, clearing the way for Falcao to return to the UFC.  Time will tell.

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