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Magic’s Van Gundy Not Afraid, Fires Back at Heat, Riley

Coming off a day where Pat Riley took no prisoners and launched verbal missiles at everyone who had anything negative to say about the Miami Heat, one of his targets -- Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy -- had some choice words for his old employer.

“Pat getting onto people for making moral judgments made me laugh,” Van Gundy said. “I was with Pat when we had all of those Knicks series and he had no problem making moral judgments on my brother. What I read into that was that I guess Pat is the only one allowed to make those moral judgments and the rest of us can’t do that. I guess we didn’t realize that Pat’s the only one allowed to do that.’’

When the Heat initially brought in LeBron James and Chris Bosh during the circus act that was Free Agency 2010, Magic GM Otis Smith said he mistakenly thought that James was more of a competitor than he proved himself to be. Later on, Van Gundy went after the other new Heat player, Bosh, by calling him James’ “lapdog.”

Yesterday, in his first group session with reporters since the signings, Riley fired some shots at both of the Magic leaders.

Specifically, when it came to Smith, Riley called his remarks “absolutely stupid. He never made any kind of comments like that when he signed Rashard Lewis and brought him down from Seattle with a $128 million contract.” While no one in their right mind would equate James’ contribution to the Heat with Lewis’ to the Magic, Riley was clearly trying to point out that free agency signings are just that – free agency signings.

When it came to his old head coach, Van Gundy, Riley said...

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