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Magic’s Dwight Howard Prefers Durant to LeBron James

You have to love Dwight Howard.

In the day and age of scared NBA players who run from answering a question that may create even the slightest bit of tension between them and another party, “Superman” Dwight Howard has come to the rescue.

While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday, Howard was asked who he would rather have on his team: Kevin Durant or LeBron James (Vince Carter didn’t make the cut).

While a mere mortal may have tip-toed around the question, fearing the wrath of the one he didn’t pick when the season rolled around – Howard stepped up to the challenge. Without much hesitation, the Magic’s franchise center answered the question directly and with a minimal amount of complaining.

Patrick: “Would you rather have LeBron or Kevin Durant (on your team)?”

Howard: “That’s a good question. Ummm … Hmmm. Why you putting me on the spot?”

Patrick: “Well, this is the way it works in the NBA. It’s me against you, one-on-one. This is a full-court press. If you can’t take the pressure, then how am I expecting a championship out of you?’

Howard: “Oh, I can take the pressure. I’m going to go with Kevin.”

Patrick: “You’d take Kevin over LeBron?”

Howard: “I’m going to go with Kevin.”

Patrick: “All right, I like that. See, that wasn’t that difficult.”

Howard: “It wasn’t. I like Kevin. I watched him in high school and had a chance to talk to him at NBA camp before he got drafted.” 

So there you have it.

Now, does this mean that Howard actually believes that Durant is a better player than James?

Well, yeah.

How else could this be interpreted? Obviously, Howard would rather have the guy who he believed to be the better player on his team. If anything, you would think he would prefer to have the better passer (James) to the better scorer (Durant) because it would mean more touches for him. But no, Howard opted for the Thunder’s No. 1 guy.

It’s interesting how quickly James’ stock is plummeting amongst fans and players alike...

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