M-1 Global Challange Results and Analysis


M-1 Global Lightweight Championship Main Event
Jose Figueroa (10-4) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Artiom Damkovsky (8-5)
Official time of Stoppage: 2:28

In what was an extremely spirited fight Figueroa used his size and reach advantage to battered and bloody the incumbent champion Damkovsky over the course of two rounds.  Damkovsky was tough but no match for Figueroa’s tenacity or ground and pound.  Figueroa just mercilessly attacked Damkovsky on the ground with hammer fists and accurate punches that left Damkovsky a bloody mess and forced the referee to waive a halt to the contest in the second.  Figueroa captures the M-1 Global lightweight title in an impressive performance. 

M-1 Global Middleweight Championship
Magomed Sultanakhmedov (16-5) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Tyson Jeffries (7-4)
Time of Stoppage: 3:07

For a fighter who trains with Team Quest one would expect the game plan of Tyson Jeffries to utilize ample wrestling.  This was not the case and Jeffries spent the majority of the fight on his feet and being thoroughly battered, tenderized, and beat down in methodical fashion by Sultanakhmedov.  Sultanakhmedov was surgical in his dismantling of Jeffries battering the young fighter with thudding body and leg kicks.  The punishment to Jeffries body spelled the end for him in the second as Sultanakhmedov unleashed hell in the round, battering him with hard punches and an seemingly endless barrage of knees to the body that was simply too much for Jeffries to endure. 

M-1 Light Heavyweight FIght
Vinny Magalhaes (7-5, 1 NC) TKO RD 1 (Strikes) Jake Doerr (6-1)
Official time of the Stoppage:  1:47

Magalhaes wasted no time in cruising to a dominate victory over Jake Doerr.  Magalhaes immediately shot in and knocked Doerr down with a left hook and from there was able to advance to full mount.  Doerr sought self-preservation and gave up his back.  Locked in with a figure-four body lock Magalhaes was able to hang on to Doerr’s back and after raining down a nonstop barrage of punches the fight was mercifully stopped. 

M-1 Middleweight Fight
Jason Norwood (11-2) UD 3 Mojo Horne (8-3)
Scores:  30-27, 30-27, 30-27

With a great backstory steeped in his service to this country in the United States Army it’s clear that Norwood would make a great marketable fighter for an upstart promotion like M-1.  However, Norwood is as raw as sushi when it comes to the striking nuances of modern day MMA.  What Norwood does well is wrestle having wrestled at West Point.  Against Horne, Norwood would go to what he knows best in securing some awesome takedown slams and controlling the action on the ground.  Unfortunately, this tactic exemplified the oft-hated “lay and pray” game plan employed by some fighters with strong wrestling foundations.  The result was a pretty uneventful fight with Norwood doing little more than keeping Horne on the ground and unleashing the occasional ground and pound flurry.  It was a lackluster fight but one that Norwood won handedly. 

M-1 Lightweight Fight
Alexander Sarnavskiy (13-0) SUB RD 2 (Rear Naked Choke) Beau Baker (8-4)
Official Time of Submission: 2:32

You have to give credit to Virginia native Beau Baker as he was as game and relentless as a fighter comes.  However, against Sarnavskiy, a former solider in the Russian Army, Baker was widely outclassed.  In fact, he was outclassed, out gunned, and out maneuvered by Sarnavskiy.  While Baker never stopped trying, he was repeatedly tagged with hard shot after shot as Sarnavskiy dictated the pace and flow of the fight.  Despite Baker’s wrestling credentials he was unable to secure any takedown as Sarnavskiy was able to repeatedly stuff every attempt.  Things ended in the second as a battered Baker made the mistake of turning his back on Sarnavskiy who promptly jumped on his opponents back and took Baker down with a rear naked choke. 


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