Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson: Winner Gets a Shot at Jon Jones?

Dan Henderson wants to fight UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Lyoto Machida was offered a bout with Jones, but turned it down.

So, common sense would say that Henderson should fight Machida next, right? According to the UFC, yes, that is exactly the case.

UFC president Dana White, speaking at a luncheon in Las Vegas on Friday, seemed to hint that was what was in store for both fighters.

"(Machida) should have taken the fight. We've seen it, history always repeats itself," White told reporters during a luncheon in Las Vegas on Friday (thanks to MMAWeekly.com for the quotes). "Look how long it took Rashad (Evans) to fight for the title again. So you wanted to fight Jon Jones, you climbed up to the title fight and you don't take it. Now you're fighting (expletive) Dan Henderson. Now you might not even get to the (expletive) title again. You lose to Dan Henderson, you're not anywhere near Jon Jones."

Henderson has said that he would like to fight before the end of the year, though many of the mainstream UFC events are already filled with key bouts.

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