UFC 123 Preview: Lyoto Machida vs. Quinton Jackson

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The highly anticipated fight between Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida has now arrived as the two former UFC light heavyweight champions square off in UFC 123. This fight has been hyped to be a great show and it also has big significance in the division.

Jackson captured the title back in May of 2007 after he beat champion Chuck Liddell in the first round at UFC 71. He then defended his title with a decision victory over Dan Henderson but this would be his last successful defense. Ten months later, he was a huge favorite over Forrest Griffin but Griffin found a way to get the victory.

Machida won the crown back in May of 2009 after knocking out Rashad Evans in the second round. He successfully defended his title in a controversial win over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 104, but would lose it in their rematch back in May.

There is no secret that Jackson (5-2 UFC) strives on his stand-up game. He uses powerful strikes against his opponents and along with his aggressiveness, have punished those who face him. His personality has made him one of the more popular fighters in UFC and he usually fights without any strategy…just wants to punish whoever he faces. Some say he is not a very technical fighter, but he is in fact a technical boxer. keeping the fight off the floor will be big for Jackson of he is to come away with the win.

On the other side, Machida (8-1 UFC) is a technical fighter. His Shotokan Karate combined with his mixed martial arts ability have proven to be effective. He has very good speed and fantastic footwork that really is top-level in the UFC. He does a great job of being mentally tough and he will need to continue this against Jackson.

MMA fans should look forward to a great fight on Saturday night. How Machida’s game while on his feet turns out could have a huge impact on the outcome. He is so aggressive and even when he appears to be losing in fights, he bounces back with great force. The question is will he be able to do the same against Machida.

MMA sportsbooks feel he can’t and have Machida as the favorite with a moneyline set at -270 while Jackson’s is at +210. Another great wager is on if either will win by 3 round decision. Jackson has his line at +400 for this wager and Machida is at EVEN. More great wagers on this fight can be found at Bodog sportsbook.


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