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Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Kennedy: Round-by-Round Review

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It's time for our main event, as Luke Rockhold (9-1) defends his Strikeforce middleweight title against Tim Kennedy (14-3). The third man inside the cage will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Rockhold trying to find his range, as Kennedy throws a leg kick to test the distance. Rockhold with a big right and grabs Kennedy to clinch up against the fence. A knee to the body by Rockhold. Kennedy fires in with a wild punch, as Rockhold lands a powerful combo and forces him back against the cage. Rockhold landing with everything, as Kennedy flies back against the fence. Rockhold looking very deadly, but Kennedy turns things and gets the takedown. Rockhold trying to get out as Kennedy continues to keep a hold of him around the waist. Rockhold grabs Kennedy's left arm and starts twisting it back, but that allows Kennedy to go into side control, taking the back as Rockhold gets back to his feet. Less than 30 seconds to go, and Kennedy lands a knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold

Round 2: Head-kick lands by Rockhold, but Kennedy goes for the takedown. Rockhold gets control on the ground, taking the back of Kennedy and locking in a hook as he attempts to secure the rear-naked choke. Kennedy gets to his base, but Rockhold remains in control and lands some quick punches to the face. Kennedy powers out and gets up. Swooping left hook misses by Kennedy, as Rockhold connects with a jab. Combo by Rockhold, as Kennedy fires off another inside leg kick. Rockhold connects with a body shot and a left liver kick. Kennedy catches Rockhold as he tries another kick. Rockhold attempts an armbar, but Kennedy flips out and pushes Rockhold against the fence. Spinning back kick misses by Rockhold, as Kennedy comes in and fires off a jab that Rockhold counters. Straight left by Rockhold, but Kennedy counters the punch again. Body kick by Rockhold, and Kennedy tries for a takedown but decides against it.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold

Round 3: Kennedy pushes Rockhold against the fence, landing knees and short shots to the body. The referee warns Rockhold about grabbing the fence, threatening to take a point away if he does it again. Stiff kick by Kennedy, but Rockhold catches him with a right hook. Rockhold tries to land a knockout blow but misses. Rockhold forces him against the fence, landing a big elbow to the side of the head. A left lands by Rockhold, as does another after a kick by Kennedy. Rockhold appears to just be picking his openings, powering through Kennedy. A takedown by Kennedy, as he takes the back and locks in a hook. Kennedy going for a rear-naked choke, but Rockhold is able to avoid it. Kennedy back to the back of Rockhold, but Rockhold stands strong with a minute to go in the round. Rockhold gets out and lands a big right hook. Kennedy avoids a 1-2 combo by the champion as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold

Round 4: Uppercut by Kennedy right off the bat, as Rockhold goes back to the attack. Rockhold throwing several big kicks that are just missing. Side kick by Kennedy, as Rockhold continues to stalk his challenger. Rockhold appears to know he is in control of this fight, landing a stiff body kick that knocks Kennedy up against the fence. Rockhold avoids a strike by Kennedy and drops Kennedy, jumping on him and landing a series of blows. Kennedy gets out and grabs Rockhold's neck, attemping a guillotine. Rockhold escapes and they are back to their feet. Under a minute to go in the round, as Rockhold tries to get Kennedy down but Kennedy takes his back in the process. Rockhold sits and turns into Kennedy, landing a stiff strike and attempting a side choke.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold

Round 5: We have come to the final five minutes of action. Rockhold remains the more aggressive fighter, pushing the action and forcing Kennedy to defend himself. Kennedy shoots in but Rockhold fights it off. Straight left by Rockhold, who walks through a kick by Kennedy. Exchange, and Kennedy goes for another takedown, dropping to a single. Instead, Rockhold powers him over. Kennedy gets back to his feet and tries to lock in a guillotine, but Rockhold winds up on top and in control. Knees to the body by Rockhold. Two minutes to go and Kennedy still not fighting with a sense of urgency. Combo lands by Rockhold. Spinning backfist misses by Kennedy. A minute to go and Rockhold looks so much fresher at this time. Kennedy comes in, but Rockhold just powers him to the fence and into the clinch, landing some stiff shots as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Rockhold

Luke Rockhold def. Tim Kennedy via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) to retain the Strikeforce middleweight championship

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