Stanford's Luck Should Enter 2011 NFL Draft

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If Stanford QB Andrew Luck is as smart as we associate Stanford student athletes with being, he’ll make one more pass. He’ll pass up the opportunity to return for another season as QB of the Cardinal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…he should go to school, get his degree and sit in a cubicle earning 50k a year. Nonsense! Luck has the perfect storm brewing right now and he would be silly not to throw caution to the wind. All 32 teams (I don’t care who their QB is) are drooling at the potential of this 6’4”, 235-lb. dude. He has the size, arm strength and apparent smarts of the NFL prototype. Just ask Ryan Leaf.

All joking aside… just ask Ryan Leaf! In 1998 the Chargers drafted this “prototypical QB” to a four-year contract worth $31.25 million, including a guaranteed $11.25 million singing bonus! It was at the time, the largest signing bonus ever paid to a rookie. Keep in mind, the guy started 21 games, threw 14 TDs along with 36 picks…in his career!

Whether he pans out in the NFL or not, NFL teams want Andrew Luck. If he wants to hit paydirt, he needs to enter the NFL now…prior to any rookie wage scale. Now, it is possible that a wage scale will be put into effect prior to the upcoming draft, but it is almost guaranteed that it will be present by 2012.

What does that mean for Luck? Consider this: Last year, Sam Bradford signed a six-year, $78 million contract with $50 million guaranteed. Need I repeat? $50 million guaranteed! As you’re sitting in your cubicle reading this…at your computer in your apartment…or perhaps you not even reading this yet. Maybe you’re driving your Ford Fiesta home right now debating if you can afford to get gas. But when you do finally read this… remember…$50 million guaranteed!

If Luck waits, the proposed wage scale would knock the top pick down to about $5 million guaranteed (estimated). Now… let me clear one thing up. I would give up a lot for $5 million bucks. The first of which would be my job. Secondly, it would be my apartment and 3rd would probably be my car. There is a lot you can do with 5 million and none of it includes working. But, 50 million guaranteed!?

Andrew Luck has what the scouts want and he also has the unique ability to cash in on the very future he has worked so hard to pursue. For one more draft, this opportunity will be available to him and not a draft, a round, a selection later. I understand and value “the piece of paper” from a university and realize the importance of graduating from college in our society.

“If you don’t graduate, you don’t get a good job. If you don’t get a good job, you won’t make the good money.” Unless you’re Andrew Luck. The end result of college and graduation is to get a good job and get PAID. Leave now and you can do all of that. Hell, if you’re really Ryan Leaf you can return to college in a few years in your Bentley and get that degree. Then you can frame it and place it on the mantle of your marble fireplace and stare at it while you’re playing video games and watching a guy shovel the snow out of your driveway. As they say, Luck has nothing to do with it. You chose your own destiny!


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