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LSU Tigers Top BCS, AP and Coaches Polls; Now What?

After firmly establishing themselves as the unquestionable top team in the nation this past Saturday, the LSU Tigers are sitting pretty atop each and every known poll and ranking system this week.

It wasn’t a beautiful game unless you’re a defensive purist, but it was pretty much what everyone expected to see from two strong, defensive-minded SEC squads fighting for their national championship lives. Ultimately, it came down to a single 25-yard Drew Alleman field in overtime to secure the win for the Tigers.

The game was meaningful on many levels, as this guy can probably best attest to.

Last week, even though there was a legitimate case to be made for the Crimson Tide, the Tigers sat firmly atop the BCS rankings as well as the AP and USA Today Coaches Polls. It’s more of the same this week, only this time around, LSU has firmly secured its No. 1 position.

From here on out, all LSU had to do is more of the same – win, win, win. The team’s biggest remaining challenge will come against the No. 8 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks, but aside from that, it’s smooth sailing until the SEC championship game.

Can the Tigers stay on top?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Full rankings below.


1. LSU

2. Oklahoma State

3. Alabama

4. Stanford

5. Boise State

6. Oklahoma

7. Oregon

8. Arkansas

9. Clemson

10. Virginia Tech

11. Houston

12. Penn State

13. South Carolina

14. Kansas State

15. Georgia

16. Texas

17. Michigan State

18. Wisconsin

19. Nebraska

20. Auburn

21. Georgia Tech

22. Southern Miss

23. Cincinnati

24. Michigan

25. Baylor



2 Oklahoma State

3 Stanford

4 Alabama

5 Boise State

6 Oregon

7 Oklahoma

8 Arkansas

9 Clemson

10 Virginia Tech

11 Houston

12 Penn State

13 Michigan State

14 Georgia

15 South Carolina

16 Wisconsin

17 Kansas State

18 USC

19 Nebraska

20 Georgia Tech

21 Texas

22 Michigan

23 Cincinnati

24 Auburn

25 Southern Miss

USA Today Coaches Poll:


2 Stanford

3 Oklahoma State

4 Alabama

5 Boise State

6 Oregon

7 Oklahoma

8 Arkansas

9 Virginia Tech

10 Clemson

11 Houston

12 Penn State

13 Michigan State

14 Wisconsin

15 South Carolina

16 Georgia

17 Nebraska

18 Cincinnati

19 Georgia Tech

20 Texas

21 Michigan

22 Kansas State

23 Southern Miss

24 TCU

25 Auburn


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