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LSU Fraternity Banner References 1970 Kent State Shooting (Video)

The classy brothers of LSU’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity took bad taste to a whole new level this past week prior to their school’s dominant victory over Kent State.

On Saturday, the now 3-0 Tigers trounced their now 1-2 opponents exactly the way everyone expected them to. LSU entered the game as 38-point favorites, and they ended up winning 45-13. For all intents and purpose, this should have been a forgettable experience for all involved.

Since we’re talking about it four days after the game actually happened, obviously it wasn’t.

You see, for reasons unknown, prior to the outing, Delta Kappa Epsilon opted to hang this sign on their front door: "Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent State."

For those that aren’t hip to tragedies from the 1970s, that banner was referring to a shooting that left four Kent State students dead, and nine others wounded in May 1970.

As soon as the sign went viral, DKE offered an apology:

"We, the men of Zeta Zeta, formally apologize to your entire community for the banner that was hung from our house this past weekend. The sign was inappropriate and should never have been hung in the first place. We hope that the Kent State community can forgive our action and accept our sincere apologies. We apologize not only to the community of Kent State, but also to those who were personally affected by this tragedy in American history. Hanging the banner was a poor attempt at humor. We, as young college students, did not grasp the full scoop of the tragedy and it’s long lasting effects. This is not how we would like to represent our fraternity as well as our school, and we certainly hope we did not put a negative spin on your school’s visit to Louisiana State University."

Yup, that should fix everything.


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