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College Basketball: Louisville Injury Update

After another hard fought Big East match-up, the Cards again sustained some injuries to key players.

Gorgui Deing suffered a concussion after a nasty spill in which he landed on his head. The Gorgui Monster laid on the floor for a few minutes before walking off on his own power, but he went strait to the locker room. Rick Pitino said after the game recovery time for a concussion is around a week, but with this team’s injury prone nature, who knows.

Terrence Jennings went down late in the game with what appeared to be sniper fire to one of his knees. TJ was on the ground, holding his knee in agony, leading to many to believe he sustained a pretty bad ding, as Steve Kragthorpe would say. Fortunately, Terrence simply sprained his knee and showed nothing more than a limp after the game. Pitino feels TJ should be good to go on Saturday.

Finally, Rakeem Buckles is still probably 10-14 days away. The coaching staff was hoping to have him back about a week ago, but things just haven’t worked out. Even when Rock gets medically cleared, you have to wonder how long it will take him to get into good enough shape to play a decent amount of minutes.

Just my own opinion, but I think 2-3 weeks is a more realistic timeframe for Rakeem to get back on the floor and 3-4 weeks before we see him play any kind of meaningful minutes.

That said, he’ll probably return on Monday against Georgetown.


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