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Lou Piniella: Carlos Zambrano May Need Stint in Minors

Carlos Zambrano’s consequences from the fallout in the dugout last week during one of the Cubs games may take another turn, according to manager Lou Piniella.

Currently, Zambrano was ordered to undergo treatment program dealing with anger and aggression, but another step in the process may be added that would be a brief stint in the minor leagues before returning to Chicago.

“I don’t think we’ve gotten that far, but I would think that he’ll need to go and pitch a little bit somewhere,” Piniella said in an interview with the media Thursday. “It’s going to be probably three weeks or so … that’s a long time just not to do anything. I would think he would need a little work somewhere, yeah. But that subject hasn’t been brought up yet.”

Zambrano was moved to the restricted list shortly after the incident and will not be able to join the Cubs until at least July 15.

Approximately a week ago, Zambrano got into it with teammate Derrek Lee during which the right hander exploded in the dugout on a tirade, exiting down into the clubhouse.

Pinella stated that he has not spoke with Zambrano since that day, but believes he and his teammates will resolve the issues at the proper time.

“Well, it’s a couple weeks from now, but like I said, time will heal wounds,” Piniella remarked. “I think it was a very good idea to wait until after the All-Star break before he came in and addressed the team. It’s two weeks from now, things will quiet down a heck of a lot, and I think the players will accept Carlos as a teammate.”

“Personally, I like the young man, I really do. I thought what happened shouldn’t, but personally I’ve enjoyed talking to Zambrano and having him on the team. Hopefully the help that he’s getting now will help him and we’ll leave it at that.”

Currently, Chicago sits at 34-44 on the year, in fourth place in the NL Central division. The Cubs are 9.5 games behind division-leading Cincinnati as the All-Star Break approaches.

Zambrano has struggled this season, tabbing a record of 3-6 and an ERA of 5.66.

Online Sportsbooks have established the Cubs as a long-shot to win the 2010 World Series. Oddsmakers have installed the team with 50/1 odds to win their first World Series since 1908.


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