L.A. in Bid to Host Soccer's World Cup

Los Angeles doesn't have an NFL team, but that isn't stopping developers from building an NFL stadium in the hopes of luring a team there.

And now there is a new goal for this non-existent field of dreams -- World Cup soccer.

Architects for Majestic Realty -- which is planning on building the stadium in the City of Industry, 15 miles east of Los Angeles -- say they are tweaking the design of the stadium to incorporate field measurements and bleacher configurations based on guidelines from World Cup organizer FIFA.

"Because we're building a new stadium, we could incorporate anything FIFA could want," said principal architect Dan Meis.

The United States is trying to get either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. The U.S. will know if it is successful when the FIFA executive committee votes on December 2. If it happens, 12 cities, including Los Angeles, would then bid to host matches.

Majestic has the necessary approvals to build the 75,000-seat stadium, but has said it will not begin construction until a team is secured.


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