Los Angeles Clippers Lose Neil Olshey to Portland Trail Blazers


Neil Olshey, who was building a winner for the L.A. Clippers, has bolted L.A. to become the new general manager for Portland.

Olshey had actually been working with no contract but he was the main architect that got the Clippers Chris Paul last season. He followed that up by signing Chauncey Billups, Reggie Evans, and Kenyon Martin throughout the season and then acquiring Nick Young in a three-way trade before the trade deadline. Olshey finished third in the Executive of the Year award voting when a lot of people thought he should've won. It was a banner year for the Clippers and it was many thanks to Mr. Olshey.

It was believed that he was going to stay when something seemed to have gone down in the last minute that made them "mutually part ways." So now he goes to Portland where he will try to build THEM into a contender while the Clippers try to go on without Olshey. Losing Olshey was a blow to the Clippers. While he's obviously not yet Jerry West or an R.C. Buford, he definitely has potential to be one. This was once again looked at as a "Clipper move" as Donald Sterling has failed to retain someone who just had a great year in terms of making personnel moves. More importantly, the Clippers have failed in an attempt to have continuity with their personnel and a serious attempt to be a serious player in the league.

Meanwhile, the Clipper personnel moves will probably fall into the hands of long-time team President, Andy Roeser, and head coach Vinny Del Negro (who was just retained for his option year). Portland, who has been known to get rid of good executives in the past few years, will have another potentially good GM in Olshey but let's see if owner Paul Allen interferes in his affairs.

So right now, bad move by the Clippers and good move by Portland to swipe Olshey. But let's revisit this next year to see if this holds true.

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