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Lorenzo Fertitta Talks Nick Diaz and His UFC Future

Lorenzo Fertitta had time to kill on his way back from Brazil. So, the UFC co-owner decided to open his Twitter account to the MMA fans, conducting a Q&A session. Among the topics Fertitta discussed was Nick Diaz.

Diaz was recently found to have marijuana in his system following a drug test after his bout with Carlos Condit last weekend at UFC 143. Diaz, who has tested positive before for marijuana, faces the Nevada Athletic Commission this April to find out his fate.

As far as Fertitta is concerned, once any suspension is over with, the Stockton fighter is welcomed back to the Octagon.

"(I) really like the kid (he) just needs to get it together," Fertitta tweeted. "I'm a sap for real fighters."

It remains to be seen what kind of suspension Diaz faces, though previous fighters have been forced to sit for a year after such positive drug test results.

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