Lorenz Larkin on Why Luke Rockhold Won't Fight Him: He's Playing it Safe


Lorenz Larkin (13-0-1 NC) does not see why middleweight champion Luke Rockhold (10-1) isn't admitting to signing to contract for the two of them to meet.

"Strikeforce or the UFC is not going to advertise a fight that isn't signed," said Larkin to MMA Fighting. "They wouldn't waste the time or the money. For him to say he never signed anything or never agreed to the bout, it doesn't make any sense."

Larkin was more shocked when Rockhold stated he was never was training for a fight. Larkin has been training since July, but injuries have now cancelled the fight likely altogether as Strikeforce is expected to cease operations after January.

The two were going to fight on the now cancelled November card. They were thought to be competing at January's Strikeforce: Champions but Rockhold said he's still injured.

"I just think he's playing the safe card," said Larkin. "Why take a potential fight where you can get your belt taken from you right before you get to the UFC? On one hand, I understand if he's trying to play that game. But I'd rather he just didn't take the fight at all."

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