Looking Ahead

One of the five 0-3 teams in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills take on the 2-1 New York Jets this Sunday. After an impressive showing last week against the seasoned New England Patriots, the Bills are hoping for long-term success in the near future.

But, it won’t be easy.

At times, the 0-3 Bills are looking more like a bewildered Pop Warner squad then a professional organization. From their Ivy League quarterbacks, unknown receivers and a backfield that couldn’t be more in flux, the team is suffering from a lack of direction.

It doesn’t help that the team decided to cut their starting quarterback after just two starts, or that coach Chan Gailey seems lost when it comes to unloading the team’s “Offensive Weapon,” CJ Spiller.    

Heading into week four against the Jets, the Bills still don’t have a true number one receiver (Spill leads the team with 11 receptions) or a consistent back to help with the running game. Marshawn Lynch has gotten the call in the past few weeks, with more than twice the carries of Fred Jackson and Spiller, but he has yet to prove he can be the man in Buffalo.

It’s no secret that Fitzpatrick is not the solution to the Bill’s Problems – although he cannot do much worse than Trent Edward’s 58.3 quarterback rating. The problem is that even if Fitzpatrick plays to his full potential, it may still not be enough.

With receivers that not even the most fanatic fantasy owner has heard of, and a defense giving up 87 points in three games (the most in the NFL), the Buffalo Bills look to be heading toward another unsuccessful year.

This week’s matchup against the well-coached Jets is going to be a battle the Bills simply aren’t ready for. With the Jets defense picking up where they left off last year – even without Darrelle Revis –  the Bills will  likely have to look ahead to week five, when they travel to Jacksonville to play the struggling Jaguars (the team who picked up the recently cut Trent Edwards), to collect their first win.

If it doesn’t happen then, we could be waiting well into November before the Bills get their first win.


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