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London 2012 Olympics: 50/50 Chance of Someone Sneaking in a Bomb?

Getting 50/50 odds on something can be very good.

If the lottery were a 50/50 proposition, that would be excellent. If your chances of being able to pick up Kate Upton at a bar were 50/50, that would be fantastic. If someone gave your favorite team a 50/50 shot of winning the championship (at the start of a season), you’d be cool with that.

Sometimes 50/50 isn't good, though. Case in point: when there is a 50/50 shot of someone being able to sneak a bomb into the Olympics.

During a recent interview with Metro UK, a security whistleblower warned folks in London that they probably aren’t as safe as they think they are at the 2012 games.

“During my employment, I planted pretend improvised explosive devices, decommissioned weapons, knives and other large metallic objects on students and sent them through the metal detectors,” he said.

"They’re not being seen by X-ray staff and they’re not being picked up during physical searches, so the training is completely insufficient.”

Well, that’s not good. But surely it can be fixed. You can train dogs to sniff that stuff out or something, right?


“It takes two years to train a dog for sniffing out bombs,” he said.

“The animals believe they are playing a game and quickly lose interest, so can only work in 45-minute bursts.”

Which means that…

“There will be large parts of the day across venues when there will be no cover.”

Uh oh.

For what it's worth, via ABC:

"British officials called up an additional 1,200 soldiers today to try and fix what they called a security "fiasco" with G4S, the private security firm tasked to secure the 2012 Olympic Games, but British security officials tell ABC News even though they are finally getting the number of guards they need, they are still not confident in the training that G4S guards received or the security they can provide."

Feel safe yet? 50/50 sounded a whole lot better when we were talking about Kate Upton.

(Kudos Metro by way of SportsGrid, ABC )

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