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Lomas Brown Once Let Scott Mitchell Get Hurt

A special relationship exists between offensive line players and quarterbacks. The latter gets most of the credit when things go well, but usually there is a direct correlation between a quarterback playing well and his offensive line being solid. Similarly, an offensive line can be the best in the world at protecting their passer; however, if the passer isn’t any good, the offensive line won’t get any credit for protecting him either.

In order for an offense to be successful, an offensive line and quarterback have to be on one wave length, working like a well-oiled machine.

That’s not always the way it goes, though.

This past Friday, former Detroit Lions offensive tackle Lomas Brown appeared on ESPN Radio’s SVP and Russillo. While on the show, Brown recalled how he once let an opposing defender get past him just to get a quarterback he didn’t want on the field out of the game.

"That happened to Scott Mitchell," he said (via the Detroit Free Press).

"We were playing Green Bay in Milwaukee. We were getting beat, 24-3, at that time and he just stunk up the place. He's throwing interceptions, just everything. So I looked at Kevin Glover, our All-Pro center and I said, 'Glove, that is it.' I said, 'I'm getting him out the game.' ... So I got the gator arms on the guy at the last minute, he got around me, he hit Scott Mitchell, he did something to his finger ... and he came out the game. Dave Krieg came in the game. We ended up losing that game, 27-24."

The Free Press noted that Brown missed a few of the less important details about the game, however, the part about Mitchell getting hurt and Krieg coming in was in fact true.

Obviously nothing is going to happen to Brown now, he’s far removed from his playing days. That being said, as much as you have to appreciate the guy’s honesty, it’s going to be hard to not cringe every time you see him on ESPN from here on out.

(Kudos Detroit Free Press)

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