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Lolo Jones Says New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow has Secret Girlfriend

Ever since we found out that Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones was a virgin, a pairing between her and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow seemed like the most natural thing ever.

After all, as the world’s lone remaining virgins, these two would likely have a lot in common. Plus, if the virgin thing isn’t enough to build a relationship off of, the fact that they both seem to latch onto media attention like heat-seeking missiles is just as much of a reason to hook them up as anything else.

Lolobow. Tilolo. Lobowmania. This stuff writes itself, really.

And so, naturally, over the last few days the newswire has been flooded with countless tidbits linking Jones and Tebow together even though, according to most reports, they don’t actually know one another.

On Tuesday, New York Jets center Nick Mangold tried his hand at playing matchmaker between Jones and Tebow. His efforts seemed to be going well for a while there (not really), but then he accidentally pushed Jones into making the most shocking breaking news report ever.

Per Twitter:

I'm trying to get @timtebow to accept that he and @lolojones are a match made in heaven. #Lobow

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) May 29, 2012

@nickmangold thanks Nick but i actually heard tebow has a girlfriend he just isn't saying it publicly. the search continues...

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) May 29, 2012

. @lolojones I will try to get some anwers and I'll report back. No worries #Lobow

— Nick Mangold (@nickmangold) May 29, 2012

Tim Tebow has a secret girlfriend? Mind. Blown.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports)

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